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Uplands PEAK is Indiana’s first farmed animal sanctuary, Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, was founded in 2012 and opened its barn doors in 2013 to our first residents, Andy and Annie, two brave piglets who escaped a backyard butcher. Smack-dab in the thick of animal agriculture, co-founders Mark and Michelle believe this is where sanctuary is needed more than anywhere, and given the opportunity to experience the sentience of farmed animals people will be changed—and those changes will ripple out into the world.

PEAK educational tours last about and hour and 15 minutes. The tours are guided by the Co-Founders, Mark and Michelle Pruitt. You will go into some animal pastures, barns, coops, etc. During a tour you will learn about our residents' rescues stories, personalities, and more. We also provide information about standard practices in the animal agriculture industry. After a tour you are welcome to walk the property paths, around the fences, sit by the pond or the picnic tables.

Our newly renovated Gift Shop/Community Lounge offers PEAK merch, reading materials, vegetarian starter kits, beverages and snacks.

Please note: Our residents interact with guests on their terms and we expect that all visitors respect their preferences and personal space. This is their home and their needs come first. We reserve the right to adapt the tour as we deem necessary based on resident health, concerns, and or weather!

Closed-toed shoes are required for tours. Please keep in mind this is a farm, there is dirt, mud, and poop! Some pastures are bumpy, dusty, etc. Be prepared for walking!

If you are making it a day trip 10-20 minutes away: McCormick Creek State Park Civilian Corporation Brewery (vegan options)

In Bloomington, 30 minutes away: The Owlery Restaurant (vegetarian restaurant) Rainbow Bakery (all vegan)


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