Barn Sale time is coming and the Brown County Humane Society needs your help to make this event as successful as possible. This is one of the only fundraisers where you don’t have to ask a single person for money! This event raised over $45,000 for the shelter last year and takes a village to reach its potential. Even if you cannot help for the entire day, your help is still greatly needed! Whether you can do a few hours, half days, or full days, it will all be incredibly valuable. Volunteers will take shifts for off-site pre-pricing July 24-Aug 1, donation processing Aug 6-9, and pre-sale prep between Aug. 10 and Aug. 11. This event takes people to be successful, so every volunteer creates additional funds for the animals. There is no such thing as enough help during this event so a group or company who is looking for a group volunteering project, this would be a great opportunity! If you have questions or would like to volunteer, reach out to Megan at 317-946-8235 or volunteer@bchumane.org.


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