Living Roots Farm and Sustainable Living Center is a 75-acre diversified chemical-free farm that annually produces more than 80,000 pounds of produce, 10,000 pounds of pastured meat, and 55,000 free-range eggs. It’s a “live-in farm” where most of the staff live in off-the-grid cabins on the farm. Housing on the farm includes an earthen dome, a $500 tiny house, and an Earthship-inspired passive solar house. The farm also operates a CSA, an Organic Farm School, has workshops for the general public, and teaches healing arts. Produce highlights at Living Roots include 47 fig trees, several thousand tomato plants, more than a thousand pepper plants, more than 20 types of fruit, two miles of potatoes planted in the mulch method, and more than 300 total vegetable varieties! Animal farming highlights include two herds of grass-fed cattle, 10 heritage pigs that are moved around the farm in electronet fencing, a small flock of sheep, and more than 200 free-range laying hens. The evening culminates in a “Farm to Fork” dinner prepared with local food by local chefs from Sazon


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