Nowadays going to a Theater performance is to gather you, your family and friends around an electronic device and click on Facebook LIVE! During the first three weekends of November 2020. The Monroe County Civic Theater will be presenting William Shakespeare's play Henry V will shown as a series. November 8 - Acts I & II 2pm November 15 - Acts-III - IV - 2pm November 22 - Acts V- Fini 2pm

So, the Bard incorporates a Chorus who calls out the story of what you will be watching, at the beginning of each act. The audience uses their imaginary force within them in the comforts of their home to enjoy an educational & entertaining classic. Back in the Elizabethian days, the public watched Shakespeare in a small veranada like courtyard, no big scenery, no lights or mics; the audience just uses a "force within them" ...to imagine each acts in the play. You will see the characters and "there are many" in multiple roles in descriptive costumes. These costumes are designed and created by Becky Delong, local professional costume mistress.

The force that motivated Henry V of England to invade France To get his crown back, came from a rowe with his friend ridiculing his big "ego. He stops an assassination plot made by his so called "friends.". He gives BIG SPEECHES, he WINS the battle against all odds, He makes peace with France & marries The Princess of France.

There are many actors of mcct.org that are veterans, new members and a returning actor that will be acting in his home in Florida. King Henry V will be played by actors 2 women & 2 men. It's good to be king in your own virtual GLOBE.


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