Dr. King understood the importance of science. In 1963 he published a series of sermons titled Strength to Love. In the first sermon of the compilation, “A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart,” Dr. King noted that, “Science investigates; religion interprets. Science gives man knowledge, which is power…” Four years later he spoke at the American Psychological Association’s Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. and in a powerful speech, challenged the nation’s social scientists to use facts to combat systemic racism. WonderLab honors the work of Dr. King and all that have continued this work throughout the year. WonderLab strives to provide an enriching safe space and is founded on values of inclusion and access so that everyone may experience the wonder of science and the power that comes from exploration and knowledge. On the day dedicated to Dr. King, WonderLab will be offering virtual programming that honors his legacy.

Join WonderLab educators for a special one-hour Science Explorations. We will learning about scientists as well as learning how to conduct experiments with free science kits that can be picked up at WonderLab, Monroe County Public Library, and other locations.


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3:00pm - 4:00pm