What does a Buddhist Guide for the holidays mean? It means you can do the holidays differently this year by creating your holiday from the inside out using meditation. It means that stress, being overwhelmed or depressed doesn't have to be the norm. It means that you can relax and enjoy the holidays. In this short guided meditation retreat, Gen Kelsang Chokyi will explore how to transform the holidays with wisdom. Just like hiking trail posts that lead us on a correct path, these six methods guide us to inner paths of authentic happiness. They create an inner environment that can navigate rocky or challenging circumstances by focusing our mind appropriately.

The retreat is suitable for all meditation levels, including beginners. It includes guided meditations, short teachings as well as a Q&A in the last session. Everyone can benefit from this retreat — you don't have to be Buddhist to participate.

$20 Adults, $15 students, and +65 seniors In Person

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10:00am - 1:00pm