Partnering with The Venue Fine Art & Gifts, Daniel Savion Gupta has donated 20 paintings from his personal international art collection to be offered for sale at The Venue Fine Art & Gifts for November’s Gallery Walk, and the entire month of November. Daniel will give all of his proceeds from sales to Bloomington’s Salvation Army and New hope, to purchase Holiday gifts for needy local children. The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is pleased and proud to participate in this Project

Daniel Savion Gupta, the owner, and operator of Premium and Exotic Wholesale of Bloomington grew up in and maintains Bloomington as his hometown. Establishing himself as a creative and successful entrepreneur has allowed Daniel to experience extensive international travel. In the process, Daniel encountered great art and great poverty, often juxtaposed. Experiencing firsthand the extreme poverty of 3rd world nations and the beauty of their art, Daniel, ever a man of action, founded and established his International Art Project, to try to make a difference.
Daniel created The Internal Art Project, to purchase art from well-known indigenous artists, import their art into the US, market the art, and recycle the proceeds back to the country of origin to build desperately needed welfare and infrastructure projects. Central America and India have been the primary beneficiaries of the IAP, with projects in small, remote, and needy villages, and targeted to benefit children. Thus far the IAP has built four playgrounds, and two community centers rebuilt a library and installed five water systems to bring clean water to hundreds of homes for the first time. The IAP is also providing ongoing fully funded educational tutoring, food, clothing, and more, to impoverished children and families, globally. And there is more to come.
While his focus in the IAP is global, Daniel has also maintained his hometown loyalty and commitment to helping those in need, locally. Daniel is a supporter of many social service agencies and has funded and participated in many local charitable endeavors. This exhibition and sale of art at The Venue Fine Art & Gifts is a manifestation of Daniel's charitable “passion projects.”
Please make it your priority to come to The Venue Fine Art & Gifts anytime in the entire month of November, to purchase a great piece of art and join in this wonderful Local Holiday Gift Project.


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