Constellation Stage & Screen presents a riveting new sports drama, “American Fast” by Kareem Fahmy, on stage March 23 – April 8 at the Ted Jones Playhouse.

College basketball superstar Khady Salama dreams of leading her team to the NCAA Championship. But in her senior year, March Madness coincides with Ramadan and she’s promised her devout mother that she’ll fast. When her story goes public, Khady unexpectedly becomes a role model for young Muslim women everywhere, with just one small problem…she’s lying about fasting. As the tournament unfolds, Khady is forced to grapple with her faith, family, and what it means to win at all costs.

See Constellation’s website for more details, including audience covid protocols. Season Ticket packages on sale now! Single tickets available starting in August, 2022.

Learn more and see showtimes at https://seeconstellation.org/mainstage/american-f...

Show times are as follows:

3/23 7:30 pm, 3/24 7:30 pm, 3/25 2:00 pm, 3/25 7:30 pm, 3/26 2:00 pm, 3/30 7:30 pm, 3/31 7:30 pm, 4/1 2:00 pm, 4/1 7:30 pm, 4/2 2:00 pm, 4/6 7:30 pm, 4/7 7:30 pm, 4/8 2:00 pm, 4/8 7:30 pm


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