The Grunwald Gallery of Art is pleased to present Identity:Identify, an exhibit of work by six artists who are examining the idea of identity in their work. The exhibit will open on September 9, and continue through November 12, 2022. An opening reception for the exhibit will take place on Friday, September 9, with a gallery talk at 5:30 by artist Timothy White Eagle and a performance at 6:30pm by artist Bun Stout.

Identity/Identify is an exhibition of contemporary art that explores the vast territories of identity within today’s visual artistic practice. Containing works in photography, digital art, fashion design, ceramics and other media, the exhibit illustrates the concept of identity from a variety of intersectional viewpoints and perspectives. Identity is a mutable and personal concept. The intersections of location, culture, sociopolitical realms, objects, personal & collective experiences all contribute to how we develop our own unique sense of identity, and the perception of the identities of those around us.

*Gallery is open only Tuesday-Saturday