The iconic Arduino is not just hardware, it’s also a software platform you can use to program a wide variety of microcontrollers to do anything from controlling lights to building robots to IoT (Internet of Things) applications in a very accessible, quick-start way. Arduino can be used to prototype a product idea, create art, or as a fun creative hobby. In this workshop we’ll dive right in and get you programming an Arduino to sense the world around it and interact with the world via lights and motors. You’ll be taught helpful tips to avoid traps beginners can fall into, and we’ll guide you to the best resources for next steps. Laptops and hardware provided. If you want to bring your laptop, install the free Arduino software before the workshop: https://www.arduino.cc/en/software. You can bring an Arduino if you have one, but note we’ll be working with the standard Arduino Uno in this workshop. $30, pre-registration required


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