Are you interested in networks, business programs, or management software? For job skills, to try it out, to prepare for your side hustle? Come play with our systems! As a hackerspace Bloominglabs runs on volunteers, but we have curious people who want to help others and learn more. Our whole space is a do-ocracy and playground - and that includes our website, network, and management programs. Some days might have a set goal or topic, but this is a casual learn-together study group.

While the people who come will have a strong say in what we work on or can come with specific things they want to try, and we can be playing with different things, this group has been brought about to try and unify a few Bloominglabs systems so to start off this group here are the first few topics to get us started:

- Design Parameters: Look at what we currently use and brain storming our needs and wants, ranking them, and creating our ideal system map.

- List possible programs/solutions

- Divide the options out and test what parameters each program meets or does not meet


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