The focus exhibition titled "Textile Legacy in Central and South America / Herencias Textiles en Centro y Surámerica" delves into the transmission of knowledge through the textile traditions of Central and South America, illustrating how fabric plays a significant role in conveying cultural wisdom from one generation to another. The exhibit showcases textiles crafted across the regions of Central and southern Americas, such as mola, huipil, and poncho. These textiles embody ongoing cultural expressions that communities actively participate in, utilize, and protect for the sake of future generations. The historical importance of these textiles serves as evidence of the enduring vitality and resilience of the original communities in Central and South America. Furthermore, the exhibition will be also presented in Spanish as part of the festivities honoring National Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month!

This display is curated by museum graduate assistant Angiee Liliana Rocha Parra (alumna), under the mentorship of Allison J. Martino, the Laura and Raymond Wielgus Curator of the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and Indigenous Art of the Americas.


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