Join us for the sixth annual WTIU Conference on Aging! The conference will be held online every Saturday at 10am from September 30 through November 18, 2023. WTIU is pulling together area experts and resources to help participants find the answers to many questions associated with getting older, including important issues that can help you and your family. You’ll learn what to ask, who to ask, and how to make wise decisions now that keep your options open as you age. The virtual conference will include eight free sessions, open to both caregivers as well as those who would like some advice on more informed aging for themselves. Each session will include a live chat feature so participants can ask experts questions. Register at wtiu.org/aging

WTIU Conference on Aging sessions include: · Geriatric Care Managers – What, Where, Why? · In-Home Care · Medicare 101 · Memory Triggers and Gathering Family Stories · Staying in Your Home Longer, and Housing Options for When You Can't · Substance Abuse and Seniors · Tips on Shopping for Health Care and Prescriptions · What You Need to Know about Social Security


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